Association des Scientifiques Coréens en France

1976년에 설립된 프랑스 한인 과학기술협회 (2013년 명칭 변경: (약칭) 프랑스 과협, ASCoF: Association des Scientifiques Coréens en France)는 프랑스에 거주하는 과학기술자들의 모임으로써, 대한민국과 프랑스의 과학기술 분야의 교류를 촉진하고 회원간의 학문 증진을 목적으로 하는 비영리 단체입니다.

ASCoF (Association des Scientifiques Coréens en France, an association according to the French civil law of 1901 defining nonprofit organizations) founded at Paris in 1976 is a nonprofit organization established 1) to promote scientific and technological cooperations between Korea and France and 2) to make friendships among ASCoF members while exchanging knowledges and opinions in the field of sciences and engineering. The Introduction of ASCoF written in English andMessage from the president written in English are also provided.